February Scripture Writing Plan – I will… Keep

Thank you to Julie Snobelen for this writing plan!

The Larvae

Most butterflies lay their eggs on or near the plant that will feed the little caterpillar when it hatches.

A caterpillar’s body has thirteen segments including the head.  The head is hard and has twelve small simple eyes, six on each side, and two tubular glands which create a silk thread.  Most of its head is two powerful horizontal jaws curved like a sickle perfect for biting the edges of leaves.  Their little bodies are pretty much all intestine, and they can eat constantly night and day.

They get busy, first eating the green outer surface of the leaves and then more and more of the leaf as they get larger.  It is possible for them to eat more than twice their own weight of food in twenty-four hours, increasing their weight by one-tenth.

Likewise, a spiritual life needs first to be freed profusely on the bread of life.


February Scripture Writing Plan – I Will Keep (verses only)


February Scripture Writing Plan – I Will Keep (including a planner and meditation pages)


Junior February Scripture Writing Plan – I Will Keep



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