Recommended Books and Gifts for Sunday School Prizegiving – Updated!

Many Sunday Schools in North America are thinking about books and prizes for their Prize-giving.  We have compiled a list of a few things you might find helpful when selecting a prize.  We’d love to hear from you with any other suggestions!

General Ideas Suitable for Any Stage


Books Suitable for Any Stage


Specifically Related to Stage 1

Specifically Related to Stage 2


Specifically Related to Stage 3


Specifically Related to Stage 4

Specifically Related to Stage 5



Christadelphian Sources

North America

Christadelphian Bookstore in Detroit

Christadelphian Library in Thousand Oaks

Etsy – JotsAnTittles and KateMcKeeCalligraphy



The Christadelphian Office



Christadelphian Sunday School Association

Christadelphian Scripture Study Service

Logos Publications


Non-Christadelphian Sources

Non-Christadelphian website, please use spiritual discernment as not all options may contain correct doctrine.

Christian Book – Bibles and lots of toys and gifts. Recommendations include: Fruit of the Spirit Dominoes, Noah’s Ark Dominoes, Bible History Puzzle, Bible Verse Tote Bags, Bible verse caps, Apples to Apples Bible Edition, The Picture Bible Coloring Book and much more.

Amazon – Bibles, books, toys, gifts, and puzzles.  Besides the books listed above a few recommendations include: Passover/Christ’s Crucifixion Puzzle, Jesus in Capernaum Puzzle, Paint with Water Bible Stories, Bible Stories Reusable Sticker Pad

Our Picnic Tree Bible Stacker Toys  – Bible Story sets of Lego-type building blocks (compatible with lego). – Bible dolls and more

The Daily Grace Co. – Puzzles, Stickers, Memory Verse Coloring cards, Magnetic Bookmarks, Stationary

DairyMaid Lettering on Etsy – Computer stickers and stationary

Answers in Genesis / Ark Encounter Gift Store – Puzzles and gifts

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