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Use this challenge sheet filled with a variety of activities and Bible reading extensions.  Some activities may be particularly suited for children and families, while others may be suited for adults and teens – there is something for everyone.  Each activity collects a certain number of points with a goal of 1000 points.  (Activity details are below.)

One of the best parts of a challenge is doing it together.  Find another family to do it with, or involve your Sunday School or CYC.  You can also share your thoughts, favourite verses, quotes, reviews, etc in “Sisters Bible Study” on Facebook or “readthebiblechallenge” on Instagram with the hashtag #matthewtorevelation and #2022readthebiblechallenge!

Read - 400 Points

Read all the chapters of Acts for 400 points!  Print off one of these templates can help track your reading.


Bible Journal - 500 Points

Use a notebook or a Bible Reading Journal to take notes while you read.  You can order this one on Amazon or use your own notebook.  You can also download and print this set of Bible Journal suggestion pages to paste in your notebook, if you wish.  Share your thoughts or favourite verses.

Bible Marking - 100 Points

As you read through Acts, use coloured pencils to mark all the occurrences of “believe” or “believed”.

Bible Art - 500 Points

Choose a verse that exhorts or encourages you during your Bible readings. Share your creations here:


Literature - 200 Points

Read through the following book and share a quote or two.

A Time to Speak by S.J. Knight

Paul the Apostle by W.H. Boulton

Peter – Fisher of Men by Alfred Norris

The First Century Ecclesia by J. B. Norris

Other booksellers include Detroit Christadelphian Book Supply, and Thousand Oaks Christadelphian Library


Media - 300 Points

Search for this talk on Christadelphian Bible Talks and Exhortations: The Life and Teaching of the Apostle Paul by David Nichols.


Write a short review to share what you learn.

Memory Verse - 250 Points

Coming Soon! Learn these verses by heart: John 1:29 & John 17:3.  You can print out the above bookmarks to help you memorize them.  (You can also colour them, or use them as a template to journal into your Bible margin.)

Drama - 200 Points

Act it out and share some pictures!

This is an Acts of the Apostles Play: Magnify Him Together: Acts of the Apostles Drama

Language - 150 Points

Do a word study on the word “church”. This link explains how to do a word study including a template that may help: How to Do a Bible Word Study – Template Included.  Share what you learn! 


Hymn Study - 100 Points

Learn to play and sing hymn 372- “Who is on the Lord’s side”.  This website provides piano music for each of the hymns that you can sing along with.

Write out the hymn (using the above template), and list Bible passages that relate to the different lines from the hymns along the side.


Overview Study - 100 Points

Use this template to do an overview study of the book of Acts.

Dig Deeper - 400 Points

Food - 250 Points

Eat like an ancient Roman:

Six Ancient Roman Recipes – Delishably


Geography - 300

Make a map of Paul’s journeys.

This website includes a blank map for tracing Paul’s journeys: Paul’s Journeys Maps

Timeline - 300 Points

Using the timeline above from The Bible Project, create your own timeline of Acts.

Our World - 100 Points

What was the world like in the time of Acts?

The Heart - 150 Points

“Now his work was done; the faith had been proclaimed from Jerusalem to Rome, and maybe even further west; and the old man, aged beyond his years, fell asleep. His life, and his death, illustrate what he meant when he wrote, ‘For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain’. Ever since the day when the light streamed about him on the road to Damascus, Paul had lived for Christ. His own words best describe that life. ‘I have been crucified with Christ; yet I live; and yet no longer I, but Christ liveth in me; and that life which I now live in the flesh I live in faith,, the faith which is in the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself up for me,’ In that life he bore about in the body the dying of Jesus, that ‘the life also of Jesus may be manifested in his body’. 


To him, death was gain. The crucifiying was over, and he sleeps in Jesus until the time comes for him to realize his life’s aim, and be ‘forever with the Lord’.

– W.H. Boulton, Paul the Apostle

Thank you to Julie S, Karen P, Bailey M, Tanya W, Lindsay B for the contributions to this Challenge!

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