Printable Resources

Chronology of the Bible Art

Timeline of the Bible chart depicts an overview of the main stories in a fun, kid friendly format.

Kings of Israel and Judah Chart

Chart showing the timeline of the Kings of Israel and Judah. Several printable options for coloring or for reference.

Life of Christ Chronology Art

Print this chronology of Christ's Life as an overview to follow along with.

Book of Acts Chronology Art

Print this chronology of Acts as an overview timeline of the book to follow along with.

Meeting Notes Template

Several options for printable templates. These templates guide children and help make notetaking fun! (Meeting Notes has also now been published in book form.)

Meeting Matters

Printable worksheets guiding children to pay attention to various aspects of meeting, including who is visiting, who needs prayers, big ideas from the hymns, reading or exhortation etc.

Bible Reading Templates and Journal Pages

Lots of Bible Reading templates: Books of the Bible on a bookshelf to keep track of what you have read, illustrate the chapter in comic boxes template, and templates for deeper Bible reading.

Bible Marking Sheets for Kids

Bible marking sheets including basic Bible principles and other helpful notes.

Current Event Newspaper

Print this current event newspaper template to fill out the latest exciting prophecy developments.

Character Diary, Postcard, Storyboards and More

Lots of open ended templates for study and review with children.

Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Ten highly detailed Bible coloring art pages.

ABCs of the Kingdom Coloring Pages

These coloring pages can be printed out (or order the book!)

Travelling with Paul Passport

A printable "passport" with destination stickers to keep track of Paul's journeys through the book of Acts.

Lunchbox Bible Notes

Printable verses and notes to tuck away in your kid's lunchbox.

Printable Bible Badges

Badges for memorizing important Bible facts and figures. The badges include the 12 apostles, beatitudes, days of creation 10 commandments etc. Collect them all!

Kingdom Art

Artwork of various aspect of the kingdom and temple of the future age.

Letters from Israel

Letters written "from" various cities and landmarks in Israel sharing interesting information about that place.

Bible Reading Challenge

Many more printable resources (and activity & craft ideas) corresponding to the books of the Bible.

CSSA Sunday School

CSSA Sunday School posts include a lot of fantastic activity sheets, coloring sheets, crafts etc. corresponding to SS lessons.

Games, Crafts, Activities

Bible Scavenger Hunt

Printable Scavenger hunt book. Read the verse to find the clue.

Group Bible Scavenger Hunt

Print this scavenger hunt list. The verses give the clues - take photos of the proof!

Printable Treasure Hunt

Use these Bible verses to follow a trail through the house for a prize at the end.

Commandments of Christ Review Game and Audio

Printable color coded Commandments of Christ cards and audio of the commandments of Christ.

Open Ended Zoom Games and Crafts

This post includes open ended crafts, including craft videos, plus a nearly exhaustive list of open ended online games and activities.

Bible Diorama Ideas

A diorama is a 3-D model illustrating a story. This post is a collection of Bible dioramas for inspiration.

Israel Floor Map

Directions for creating a large floor map of the land of Israel.

Plays, Family & CYC Events

More games and activities can be found in the Plays, Family & CYC Events section.


Book Reviews and New Book Announcements

Children (and teaching) book reviews, recommendations and new book announcements are here.

Meeting Notes Journal Book

Meeting Notes Journal is now available to purchase on Amazon and from the CSSS.

Bible Crossword Book

This Bible crossword book has puzzles for each of the daily readings.

Bible Reading Discussion Cards

These Bible Reading discussion cards are a great way to encourage conversation around the Bible readings.

Free Bible Images - Review is an extensive resource for Bible photos that can be used in powerpoints, activities etc.

Children's Bible Bulletins - Review

This website has activity sheets for every book of the Bible.

Blank Book, Puzzle, Game Board Resource - Review

An online shop that sells blank books, puzzles, game boards. Great resource for any class.

Common to All Bible Images- Review is a copyright free resource for Bible coloring pages.

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