Plays & Props

Historical Drama (in relation to Bible prophecy)

Apples, Bones, and Conkers Play

A historical drama about the fulfillment of prophecy in the establishment of the state of Israel.

A Revolution without a Head

A historical drama about the French Revolution in the context of Bible Prophecy

The Man of the Hour

A historical drama about Napoleon in relation to Bible Prophecy

Translation and Treachery

A historical drama based on the history of the King James Bible.

Fall of the Red Apple

A historical drama about the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks in relation to Bible Prophecy.

From Constantine to Cake

A historical drama from the time period of the Council of Nicea to St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre based on the book of Revelation.

Dragon Slayers - Warriors for God

A historical drama based on the life of the Emperor Constantine in the context of the book of Revelation.

A Time Such as Never Was

A historical drama about the events of AD 70.

Tower of Babel - European Union

A historical drama about the European Union in the context of Bible Prophecy.

Rivers, Rams, and Royalty

A historical drama about the rise of Cyrus, King off the Medo-Persian Empire and the work God had ordained for him to do.

Ishtar Gates Drama Prop

Directions for building the Ishtar gates of Babylon (useful in the Rivers, Rams, and Royalty play, as well as any plays from the life of Daniel.)

Bible Plays

CSSA Stage 1 Sunday School Plays

A compilation of plays (scripts) from Genesis through Deuteronomy, including Cain & Abel, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses. Links included to other websites with play resources.

CSSA Stage 2 Sunday School Plays

A compilation of plays (scripts) from Joshua to 1 Samuel including the story of Jericho, Samson, Hannah and more. Links included to other websites with play resources.

Bible Character Wax Museum

A different take on drama presentations, this post explains what a Wax Museum is and provides scripts for various Wax Museum themes including the life of David and Peter.

Noah's Ark Prop

This post gives details on how to build a Noah's ark prop.

Crossing the Red Sea - Whiteboard Animation

This is a great inspiration for an alternative to the classic play. How to make a whiteboard animation is explained, and video included.

Naaman Claymation

Another inspiration for an alternative to the classic play. How to make a claymation is explained and video included.

Esther Drama Presentation

This post includes the details of the presentation along with the script, and list of stage and prop directions.

Esther - Vacation Bible School Drama (and more)

This post not only includes the script for an Esther drama, but also Esther themed songs, games, circle time script and more.

Daniel and the One True God

A drama presentation. The post includes the character list, prop list and script. Video is also included!

Daniel, Darius, and Delion

A Daniel play using the "Daniel, Darius and Delion" script. Links for where to purchase the script and music.

Acts of the Apostles

Play script and stage directions included.

A Time to Hear - Musical

This Musical Stage play is based on the Time to Hear book by S.J. Knight. The play has been published in book form.

Family and CYC Events

Focus on the Family Days

This post explains the purpose of Family Days (or nights) and provides a list of ideas for these types of activities.

Kingdom by Candlelight

Resources, suggestions and templates to put on a Kingdom by Candlelight event.

Song and Praise Evenings

This post includes presentations and resources for various themes for Song and Praise nights including prayer, peace, thanksgiving, the Life of Christ etc.

An Evening of Thanks - Online

This post includes the powerpoint, printable bookmarks and other resources for hosting an Evening of Thanks online.

Quiz Night

Various downloadable powerpoint resource options for your quiz night.

New Years Eve Fellowship Night

Thoughts and ideas for how to host a New Years Eve Fellowship night.

New Years Eve Devotional Resources - Online

Resources for hosting a New Years Eve devotional evening online

Life of David Family Night

Includes games and activities along the theme of David.

Ancient Rome Family Night

Decoration, food, and activity ideas for hosting an ancient Rome family night.

Ships of Tarshish Family Night

Ideas for creating a Tarshish theme night including printable games, decor and food ideas.

Mock Military Tribunal

A mock tribunal portraying conscientious objection.

Making Gift Baskets

Ideas for making gift baskets as a group - for a cyc or family day. Printable gift tags included.

Bible Cake Decorating

Bible cake decorating activity - great for a family night or cyc.

Bible Carnival

Carnival game ideas based on various stories of the Bible

How to Set up an Escape Room

Tips and suggestions for setting up a Bible based escape room.

Samuel and Samson Crazy Olympics and Escape Room

Games (including an escape room) based on the stories of Samson and Samuel. Printable instruction sheet and score cards.

Bible Based Team Games

Bible based games with printable rules and score sheet documents. Printable quiz also included.

Paul Field Day Games

Family or group games based on the life of the Apostle Paul.

Purim Celebration Resources

Purim celebration resources including food, activities, workbooks, crafts, music.

Passover Celebration Resources

Passover celebration resources including food, activities, workbooks, crafts, music and devotion videos.

Miscellaneous Events

Mizpah - Meeting for Girls

This post explains this special event for girls called Mizpah Meetings.

Tabitha Class - Handicraft with a Purpose

Skills class for young ladies - with a purpose.

Levite Program for Young Adults

The Levite program incorporates young adults grade 5-12 as leaders and mentors for younger kids at Vacation Bible School. Printable instructions, job descriptions etc included.

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