CSSA Stage 3 Plays (David to Birth of Christ)

Rulers of Judah Presentation Thank you to Keren J. for this play! This Rulers of Judah Presentation was performed at Rathmines Bible School at the end of 2018.  It could be easily modified for an

CSSA Stage 3 Review Games

Happy Families Game (Midyear Review) (Thank you to Rachel E. for this game!) Playing Cards – CSSA Stage 3 Review Lessons 1-12 ages 9-12.PDF Playing Cards – CSSA Stage 3 Lessons 1-12 Ages 5-8 PDF

Sunday School Plays – Online Edition!

Thank you to Catherine W,  Carolyn J, Joanna G,  Becky G,  for sharing their creative ideas! For those of us who are still navigating the uncharted waters of online Sunday School, a new online challenge

New Year Devotional Evening: Online

{Thank you to Joanna G, Carolyn J, and Esther K!}  Please feel free to email us using the “Contact Us” button, if you have more New Year Devotional Evening Resources. For most, if not all,

52 Weeks to Grow: New Coloring Book!

This new coloring book by Erin Sparacino is now out!  There are 52 Bible verse coloring pages – one for each week of the year. You can order directly from her or find it on

92. Top Five Bible Study Tips – #3

This is part 3 of 5 of a new series titled “Top Five Bible Study Tips” by Jay Mayock.  This episode is Tip Number Three! Rumination is the ultimate key to revelation. Tune in next

Stage 3 – Intermediate Homework Sheets & Handouts

CSSA Stage 3 Intermediate Homework and Handouts From David to the Birth of Christ Thank you to Pam S. for these Homework notes! Lesson 1 – Homework The Kingdom under David Download – PDF Download

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