Family Strengths Activity

{Thank you to Keleigh S. for this post!} We live in a time that is busy with much activity.  Everywhere you turn, everyone is busy.  We may even be busy with very good things.  But

New Years Eve Fellowship Night

Thanks to Debbie B. for today’s post! The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a great time to get together with others in you ecclesia for a night of fun

Teen Podcast Episode 41 – Conflict Resolution

This episode titled “Conflict Resolution” is the ninth of this series titled, “Progress Reports in the Acts of the Apostles” by Joel Suntz!  Tune in again next week for the tenth class in the Progress

Gideon (CSSA Primary Stage 2 Lesson 12-13)

In this week’s Sunday School lesson we see how God used the faithful courage of one man to inspire a nation. Gideon is such a powerful reminder how God can use the “weak” things of

Deborah & Barak (CSSA Stage 2 Junior Lesson 13)

This week’s lesson on Deborah & Barak is a powerful reminder to trust in our Heavenly Father with no fear of the might of man. Once again we’ll see the strength & ingenuity of the

Family Core Values Activity

{Thank you to Keleigh S. for this post!} Focus Your Family Through Creating Core Values As your fellow servant, I am sharing this plan with you at the request of a dear Sister in Christ. 

New Book: Psalm 104 – Sweet Meditations

Psalm 104-Sweet Meditations, is a delightful book that can be used for meditation and is ideal as a companion on the coffee table!  It has 46 pages of vibrant colour pictures that trace verses from

Death of Joshua (CSSA Primary Stage 2 Lesson 11)

Joshua’s life was drawing to a close, and God had faithfully kept His promise of not “leaving, nor forsaking” Joshua all the days of his life. Joshua used this last opportunity to plead with the

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