Baptism & Temptation (CSSA Intermediate Stage 4 Lesson 1)

The Baptism & Temptation of Jesus Homework “Pick 3” Chart (You can download the entire Homework supplement book below.) Download PDF Homework “Pick 3” Sheet (You can click the image above to download the individual

Upcoming CSSA Stage 4 Resources – Announcement

Dear Reader, The beginning of the next Sunday School year is around the corner!  We hope that many Sunday Schools will be able to meet again in person.  For online Sunday school ideas and tips

New Book for Young People: Vaughan’s Vision

Vaughan’s Sunday School teacher said to her class, “It’s important for every one of you to form a vision of God’s Kingdom in your mind. Each day, try to remind yourself what the world will

Giving Grace – Audio Book

It is part of our natural tendency as humans to judge one another. We see someone act, and we immediately attempt to ascribe a motive––often the motive that we would have if we were to

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