How-To #4: How to Find Time for Personal Prayer

As we mentioned in the introduction to our How-To series, we will be sharing a new question each month with suggestions/ideas from sisters from different stages of life and geographical locations. We are not intending

Minute Meditation #13 – If God Be For Us

Minute Meditation #13 by Bob Lloyd: If God Be For Us   For more information on the Minute Meditation recordings, please see our first post in this series. If you are looking for more ways

Letters from Israel: Letter #1 Shiloh

Thanks to Lindsay B. for today’s post! As a homeschooling family, we have always been on the lookout for interesting extras that we could bring into our home to help the children in the subjects

Meeting Notes Journal – available on Amazon!

Meeting Notes templates were originally published 2 years ago on our website and since then they have been one of our most used resources on the website.  We decided to turn one of the sheets

Video Object Lesson: Be Fruitful

This is the last Video Object Lesson for this season, but come back in the fall, God willing, for more Video Object Lessons!   The last five object lessons: Video Object Lesson: Stir Up One

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