Bible Character Wax Museum

We are continuing on with our focus on Ecclesial family days and this week we are going to talk about a Bible Character Wax Museum.  This could be done as a family day, but could

Sunday School Plays – CSSA Stage One

For many Sunday School teachers this is the time of year where we are looking for a play for our Sunday School program. Below is a list of Christadelphian Sunday School websites that have a

Christadelphian Audio Book Sites

Need something to listen to in the car or at home?  A couple of websites have published various Christadelphian audiobooks.  The available books are listed below.   BibleTalks4u: The Christadelphians: What They Believe and Preach

Making Gift Baskets (as part of a Family Day)

We have done gift basket making as a CYC activity but it could also be incorporated into an Ecclesial family day.  You could make gift baskets for the elderly in your ecclesia / area, or

Quiz Night

(Thanks to those who contributed to this quiz night post.) Another family day idea is a quiz night (or quiz afternoon) … followed by a meal together!  The daily Bible readings could also be incorporated

Bible Reading Journal for Paul’s Epistles

{Thank you to Nancy B. for the Epistles Journal Notes!} This week we continue to journey through several of Paul’s epistles in the daily Bible readings.  This journal provides a list of thought provoking questions

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