Psalm 72 Bible Marking Activity

{Thank you to Dan R. for this Bible marking activity!}   Psalm 72 describes the Christ’s future reign on earth. This Bible marking activity is based on Psalm 72:6, “He shall come down like rain

Illustrated Book of Acts Chronology

{Thank you Erin S. for this two page illustration of the Book of Acts!} The sequel for the Illustrated Old Testament Chronology and Illustrated Life of Christ Chronology is here!  This illustration is perfect for

Sunday School Review – Genesis Games

Thanks to Meriden Christadelphians for putting these game ideas together. These four games focus on the book of Genesis.  There are ideas of how to play each game included in the first page of each PDF

End of Month Reflections Journal Page

It’s time to pause and reflect.  At the end of each month, you can use this Monthly Reflections Journal Page to reflect and assess the goals and characteristics you have focused on.  You can think

Spiritual Goals Month Two: Laying Aside Every Weight

RUN!  Like your life depends on it… because it does. “FLEE! ESCAPE from sin and lusts!” Paul tells Timothy (1 Tim. 6:11, 2 Tim. 2:22). PURSUE! Chase after righteousness, faith, charity, peace!  Pursue the prize!

Making a Floor Map of Israel: Family Night Activity

My wife and I organised a fellowship weekend away in Castleton, which for the uninitiated is a beautiful little town in the English Peak District. We brought along a group from our ecclesia, including quite a few

Junior Elpis Israel Series (Classes 36-43)

This is the eighth week in a series of eight Junior Elpis Israel Classes by Jonathan Bowen.  Below you’ll find the audio for classes 36-43, and the corresponding notes for each of the classes. Junior

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