Update from the Magnify Him Together team

Dear Reader, This is a difficult update to share. For over a year, our team of three has worked together to run MagnifyHimTogether.  Recently one of our team, Linda Wilton, received the heavy news that

Bible Marking Notes: Elijah and Elisha

{Thank you to Christadelphianstudies.com for these Bible marking sheet!} As the daily Bible readings come to the Elijah and Elisha, you may find these Bible marking sheets helpful as a teaching (or learning!) activity.  

Daniel, Darius & Delion Drama Presentation

Thanks to Joanna G. for today’s post! Our Christadelphian Homeschool Drama Club put on the musical Daniel Darius and DeLions. Daniel Darius and DeLion is a children’s musical written by Sue Farrar. The script as

Review of CSSA Materials

For those of us in North America, we are in the middle of summer and Bible school season … but it won’t be too long before we start thinking about the new Sunday School year.

Esther Drama Presentation

The drama and excitement of the story of Esther is a timeless treasure. One CYC found a way to both raise money for a Christadelphian charity as well as provide an oppurtunity to witness to

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