New Year Devotional Evening: Online

{Thank you to Joanna G, Carolyn J, and Esther K!}  Please feel free to email us using the “Contact Us” button, if you have more New Year Devotional Evening Resources. For most, if not all,

52 Weeks to Grow: New Coloring Book!

This new coloring book by Erin Sparacino is now out!  There are 52 Bible verse coloring pages – one for each week of the year. You can order directly from her or find it on

92. Top Five Bible Study Tips – #3

This is part 3 of 5 of a new series titled “Top Five Bible Study Tips” by Jay Mayock.  This episode is Tip Number Three! Rumination is the ultimate key to revelation. Tune in next

Stage 3 – Intermediate Homework Sheets & Handouts

CSSA Stage 3 Intermediate Homework and Handouts From David to the Birth of Christ Thank you to Pam S. for these Homework notes! Lesson 1 – Homework The Kingdom under David Download – PDF Download

Jonah the Prophet (CSSA Primary Stage 3 Lesson 12)

Introduction and Lesson   Memory Verse Video Last week instead of a video, John, Rachel & Grace have created a photo scavenger hunt!  The memory verse is mixed in the picture for you to find!

Bible Marking for Kids Part 4: God, the Creator

Thank you to Susanna and Moriah L. for these illustrations! Part 4 of Bible Marking Truths for Kids explores how God is the Creator of all things: Bible Marking – Truths for Kids. Part 4

2021 Calendar, Planner, & IOS Backgrounds

As we head into another year of awaiting our Lord’s return, we thought it helpful to create a calendar & a matching daily planner to help us in this. Inside are some beautiful verses concerning

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