78. The Temptations of Christ Part 5

This is part 5 of 6 of the series “The Temptations of Christ” by Richard Morgan. Take up your cross and follow me. Tune in next week for the last episode in this series! https://media.blubrry.com/magnifyhimtogether/p/content.blubrry.com/magnifyhimtogether/Episode_78-TOC_5.mp3Podcast:

Minute Meditation #19 – Consistency

Minute Meditation #19 by Bob Lloyd: Consistency For more information on the Minute Meditation recordings, please see our first post in this series. If you are looking for more ways to hear & see Minute

He Healeth All Thy Diseases – Audio Book

“In the realization that spiritual sickness is a stubborn fact, it is enlightening to notice that many manifestations resemble diseases of the body.  Or put the other way around, bodily sickness has its counterpart in

Letters from Israel: Letter #9 Capernaum

Thanks to Lindsay B. for today’s post!   This is the ninth “Letter from Israel: The Vibrant and Populous City of Capernaum.”     For more information on the Letters from Israel series, read our

77. The Temptations of Christ Part 4

This is part 4 of 6 of the series “The Temptations of Christ” by Richard Morgan. We can’t treat the Bible as a self-help book that we put up on our shelf until we come

Bible Reading Challenge – 2 Kings Activities

If you would like ideas for activities and extensions for your Bible Readings, this Bible Reading Challenge is for you!  Below you will find a challenge sheet filled with a variety of activities.  Some activities

“His Love” Verse Writing Plan for September

{Thank you to Julie S. for this verse writing plan.} He loved. He saw all of humanity as a family with one Father, all men as brothers, and each individual of boundless value. His love was

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