The Whole Armor of God – Book Review

{Thank you to Lindsay B. for this week’s book review!} The Whole Armor of God (by R. Mutter) is set during the reign of King Jotham when many in Israel forsook the ways of Yahweh.

Bible School Journal

Do you ever feel like you heard great classes in the morning at Bible school, and by the evening forgot them?  Or had all these great intentions for creating new goals going forward or staying

Hallelujah – Praising God

{Thank you to Kristen S. for the Closer to God summaries!} While the previous class focused on prayers of lament, we now turn our attention to Psalms of praise. Through whatever God brings us, at

David, Abigail, and Nabal Venn Diagram

{Thank you to Jeremy N. for this Bible reading activity!} Next Thursday, 1 Samuel 25 comes up in the Bible reading planner.  This Venn Diagram activity is a fun way to help children explore the

Family Bible Reading Book Review

{Thanks to Sally J. in the UK for our post today.} Fundamental to our understanding of God’s word are two doctrines which set us apart from mainstream Christianity and which are of enormous importance.  The Review

{Thanks to Kylie S. in Australia for our guest post today!} Every reminder or thoughtful prompt from scripture, helps to focus the mind though the day. is a site run by a “Christian” family who

Moses In Egypt: Five Day Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Day Five – Crossing the Red Sea Supply Checklist: Photos or PowerPoint for storytelling Puppets for storytelling – pillar of cloud and fire Props for storytelling – rod, blue blankets or plastic tablecoths Activity –

Ships of Tarshish Family Night

Tyre and Tarshish appear many times in the Bible and have a modern counterpart in the sea-trading nation of Britain, which was instrumental in the revival of Israel in the Holy Land. Britain now has

Lamenting in the Psalms

{Thank you to Kristen S. for the “Closer to God” summaries!} Did you know that the majority of the Psalms are of laments or complaints to God? It can almost feel wrong to say a

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