Closer to God- Through the Hope of the Messiah

{Thank you to Kristen S. for providing the Closer to God summaries!} In this class we focus on Psalm 45 and how the hope of the Messiah brings us closer to God. Throughout the whole

Boys and Girls in the Kingdom Coloring Book

This coloring book by Holly Prater is wonderful introduction to young ones on life in the Kingdom.  The book includes coloring pages and also some activity pages all focused on the Kingdom.  The book is

Napoleon: The Man of the Hour Dramatic Presentation

“The great manager of the world’s theatre is the Lord Jesus Christ, whose dramatic programme is the Apocalypse or Revelation given to him by the Father; the nations and powers are mere performers played off

His Heart is Steadfast- Responding to God

{Thank you to Kristen S. for the Closer to God summaries!} This class focuses on Psalms 111 & 112, which are very instructional about how to live out the will of God in our lives.

Millennial Age Activity Book

When our ecclesia has a study weekend (or special effort), we put together a small activity book that the young children can work on during the classes.  We try to include activities that relate to

KJV Wide Margin Bibles AT COST

If you’re saving for a quality wide margin leather Bible, you’ll reach your goal more quickly by purchasing from this source –  This publisher is a not for profit group that makes high quality

Bible Scavenger Hunt

Bible Scavenger Hunts can be a great way to include all ages in an ecclesial family night. This scavenger hunt was created to be played at an ecclesial hall, but can be modified to be

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