How to Set Up Your Own Escape Room!

Thanks to Lindsay B. for today’s post! Escape Rooms burst onto the scene a few years ago and have grown in popularity with many different ages & genres. Escape Rooms are a fun filled activity

First Principle Bible Marking Notes

{Thank you to Andrew Dangerfield for these Bible marking notes!} Each of these First Principle Bible Marking Notes are based on a specific chapter.  The chapter is chosen for each subject to give one central

CSSA Sunday School Stage 3 Round Up Request

We’ve now come to the end of our Sunday School year! Hopefully for those in North America we are finishing up our Sunday School exams, project books and are looking forward to our Sunday School

Hope - Isaiah 35 Bible Study

Hope – A Study of Isaiah 35 (Online Course)

Hope is such an important quality in our lives. It is what inspires us to move toward our goals in the hope that we will achieve them. It is what gives farmers incentive to plant

“His Loyalty” Verse Writing Plan for April

{Thank you to Julie S. for this verse writing plan.} He was dedicated to the job that his Father had given him. He lived, prayed, suffered, and died for it. He made the sacrifices that

Detailed Coloring Pages with Bible Verses

We are very excited to share these Bible coloring pages with you! They can also be printed into foldable bookmarks that have a place to write your favourite hymn or verse. As a team we

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