The Kingdom Activity Book

This small activity book was originally put together for an ecclesial study day.  The topic for the adult studies was “The Judgment Seat of Christ” so we put together an activity book for the children

Teen Podcast Episode 17 – Anger

Jesus said, “When you stand praying – forgive.  If you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also which is in heaven will forgive you your trespasses…”  Forgiveness is the answer to anger. This

Ruth Study

{Thank you to Julie S. for this post and Ruth workbook!} The book of Ruth is such an inspiring story: a sad beginning, but such a happy ending! It is the kind of story that

Bible Marking Notes for Ruth and Revelation 3

{Thank you to Dan R. for these Bible marking sheets!} As the daily Bible readings come to the story of Ruth in the first portion and Revelation in the third, you can use these Bible

The Glory of God Activity Book

This small activity book was originally put together for an ecclesial study day on “The Glory of God”.  It is aimed at 5 to 8 year olds. The workbook could also be used at home

Teen Podcast Episode 16 – Fear

When you live in fear, it is very hard to live in faith… This episode titled “Fear” is the first in a series of four by Matt Colby.  Tune in next week for an episode

CSSA Sunday School Stage 2 Round Up Request

We’ve now come to the end of our Sunday School year! Hopefully for those in North America we are finishing up our Sunday School exams, project books and are looking forward to our Sunday School

Bible School Journal – UPDATED

This is an updated version of the Bible School journal we posted last July! Do you ever feel like you heard great classes in the morning at Bible school, and by the evening forgot them? 

Who Are You Looking For? Audio Book

So many of you have asked for the next audio installment in this series of books … here it is!!  Thanks to Lisa T. Who Are You Looking For? by Anna Tikvah Another book about

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