Bible Marking Notes: 2 Kings 17-18, 22-25

{Thank you to for these Bible marking sheet!} As the daily Bible readings come to the declining years of Israel and Judah, you may find these Bible marking sheets helpful as a teaching (or

Developing a Dynamic Sunday School Program Part 1

Thanks to Dan O. for today’s post.  As many have noted, our Sunday Schools provide the most fertile and responsive soil for the Sower’s seed.  Each week we have opportunity to water and nurture the

Meat for Israel (CSSA Primary Stage 2 Lesson 1)

We start our Sunday School year with so much hope and possibility. The children of Israel are camped only a few days journey from “the land flowing with milk and honey”. A short trip and

Prayer Journal – Review

{Thank you to Leah G. for this Prayer journal review!} This book is a great little book to keep with you to jot down your thoughts during the day that you want to remember in

Crossing the Red Sea – Whiteboard Animation Presentation

Puppet shows, shadow plays, claymations… there are many alternatives to the traditional play depending on the interest, talent and size of your group of children.  Another unique alternative is creating a whiteboard animation presentation.  This

Getting organized to teach Sunday School Stage 2

With another Sunday School year almost upon us, it is time for teachers to begin thinking about getting organized for their classes. Today’s post contains a few things to help teachers get ready! Introduction Letter

“God Is…” Verse Writing Plan for September

{Thank you to Julie S. for this verse writing plan, and Abi S. for the artwork} God is King.  God is Judge.  This month’s Scripture writing plan focuses on another attribute of God.  (For last

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