A Time to Strive – Coming Soon!

Available as of 21st November 2018 “A Time To Strive” – Book 5 in the series. This fictional work covers the ‘silent period’ between Paul’s first and second journeys, concerning which The Acts of the

Ezra Bible Reading Journal

It is always nice to see the happy part of what was a sad story. When first the northern kingdom, and then the southern kingdom were besieged and taken captive, to many it may have

The Story of Job

Although the story of Job is not included in the CSSA notes for Stage 1, there may be an opportunity for you to share the story of Job during a review week, or if you

Journibles Series – Book Review

{Thank you to Lindsay B. for this review on the Journibles series!} Deuteronomy 17:18-19 instructs us all as kings and priests in training that “it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his

Kingdom by Candlelight

There are many different ways you can run a “Kingdom by Candlelight” evening.  We are going to give you a few ideas of possible things to include in the evening and you can tailor the

Chronology of the Bible Art

{Thank you Erin S. for this fantastic illustration!} Bible insert, SS notebook page, poster, puzzle (see below)…. the possibilities are endless!  **See also Life of Christ Chronology Art and Acts Chronology Art. Bible Chronology puzzle

“Josh and Jenny Go to Meeting” Audio Book

[Thank you to Candace L. for recording this audio of Josh and Jenny Go to Meeting (by Janet Ribaudo, illustrated by Martha Sales)!] Josh and Jenny Go to Meeting For more information on this book

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