Bible School Journal – UPDATED

This is an updated version of the Bible School journal we posted last July! Do you ever feel like you heard great classes in the morning at Bible school, and by the evening forgot them? 

Who Are You Looking For? Audio Book

So many of you have asked for the next audio installment in this series of books … here it is!!  Thanks to Lisa T. Who Are You Looking For? by Anna Tikvah Another book about

Common to All Bible Images

Please note – this website ( no longer seems to be working.   I happened to stumble on these great Bible images last year when I was searching for something on Pixabay.  They are a

Joy of Sunday School Book Review

Long before searching the internet to find creative, scripturally sound Sunday School resources was a thing, Bro. Jim Harper and contributors produced a quarterly journal called JOYSS (JOY of Sunday School).   What began as

A Time To Hear – Chapter One on Audio

Want to get a head start on “A Time to Hear,” the first book in the “Time To” series?  This recently discovered audio was recorded by S. Knight’s father, David Moore, before “A Time to

Othniel Bible Marking Notes (Judges 3)

{Thank you to Dan R. for this Bible marking sheet!} As the daily Bible readings come to the story of Othniel, you can use this Bible marking sheet as a teaching (or learning!) activity to

Lesson Notes: Joshua through Elisha

These Bible stories are aimed at ages 6-9, and can be used as lesson notes for Bible school or at home.  Each story includes three illustrated pages and concludes with a life lesson or important

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