Peter Lapbook and Lesson Notes

This particular lapbook was created for a Bible School (6 Sunday School sessions) for a 6-8 year old class.  It could also be used in Sunday School when covering the life of Peter, or even

“The Big Snowstorm” Audio Book

This is the second audio book in the children’s series by Graeme and Carol Wilson. In this story, Jack and Susie’s family prepares for a big snowstorm.  After the snowstorm arrives, the family has a

A Revolution Without a Head Drama Presentation

A Revolution Without a Head: Still Feeling the Aftershocks Liberté, égalité, fraternité – the famous words of the French Revolution. This historic event is one that many of us know from Bible classes on Revelation

Making the Most of the Psalms

{Thank you to Kristen S. for the “Closer to God” summaries!} The book of Psalms is right in the heart and center of our Bible. We turn to our Bibles to learn lessons of how

Glad Wrap Painting

This is a great craft to use as part of a review week activity or as a Bible School craft.  It’s versatile and can be used with a variety of lessons, or for a lesson

“Snow Day” Audio Book

Snow Day is part of a Christadelphian children’s book series published by Graeme and Carol Wilson for their children when they were young, and they continue to be timeless, down to earth stories that are great for

Roman Theme Family Night

Why do a Roman theme night? The whole New Testament is written under the shadow of the Roman empire. Christ was put to death by the Romans, Paul was a prisoner of Rome for many

The Sound of Many Waters

The story of Mary isn’t over.  John’s vision of the future Son of Man, a glorified Christ (Rev. 2:15-16) is a multitudinous Christ.  His voice is the sound of many waters – it’s a myriad

Blank Book, Blank Puzzle, and Blank Game Board Resource is an online shop that offers blank books of varying sizes, blank puzzles, blank game boards – all very inexpensively!  The possible uses for these blank canvases are limitless. Some ideas include:   Bible

Sing the Word Review has been a gold mine for our family … “scripture memory songs for the whole family”!  The vision of is “Planting the Word of God in the hearts of children through the art of

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