Song and Praise Evening

(Thanks to those who contributed to this post.) We know the importance of praising our Heavenly Father, as the book of Psalms so often illustrates; we know the vital importance of prayer and the life-changing

Lessons from James – Bible Reading Template

{Thank you to Carol C. for this Bible Reading Template!}   The Epistle of James begins this Friday in the Bible Reading Planner.  This James Bible Reading Journal provides some big picture overview questions as

Junior Elpis Israel Class Series (Classes 1-5)

For the next eight weeks, God willing, we will be publishing audio and notes from a series of Junior Elpis Israel classes that Jonathan Bowen led for pre-teens and early teens about ten years ago. 

Bible Character Wax Museum

We are continuing on with our focus on Ecclesial family days and this week we are going to talk about a Bible Character Wax Museum.  This could be done as a family day, but could

Sunday School Plays – CSSA Stage One

For many Sunday School teachers this is the time of year where we are looking for a play for our Sunday School program. Below is a list of Christadelphian Sunday School websites that have a

Christadelphian Audio Book Sites

Need something to listen to in the car or at home?  A couple of websites have published various Christadelphian audiobooks.  The available books are listed below.   BibleTalks4u: The Christadelphians: What They Believe and Preach

Making Gift Baskets (as part of a Family Day)

We have done gift basket making as a CYC activity but it could also be incorporated into an Ecclesial family day.  You could make gift baskets for the elderly in your ecclesia / area, or

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